The Acropolis

Is it safe to travel to Greece?  Are the streets of Madrid, Spain going to be full of protestors rather than the traditional tapas hopping crowd?  Are Europe’s historical sites safe to visit while the Eurozone is suffering through an economic crisis?  I would think many of the people following The Great Escape Plan have thought about this issue.

It’s definitely caused us to keep a watchful eye on all the news generated by the Greek bailout and other struggling European countries. Safety should always be on our minds while we do our reports, but we are not going to let fear be a deciding factor. We have Athens’ historical sites on our travel itinerary as well as trips to visit family in the mainland. But a majority of our time will be spent hopping around Greek islands.

Yes, there have been unfortunate tragedies due to the Greek crisis and we are praying for all who are suffering because of it. Most of the bad news people in the U.S. get to see has happened in the political and financial sectors of Athens. Because we worked in news, we know those stories only show a small and sometimes inaccurate reflection of what is going on in the entire country.

We have also kept in touch with our relatives in Greece. They say it is a very hard time for many families. They also argue panic is not the major sentiment. Greeks are a proud people and they should be. The ‘Cradle of Democracy’ has historical sites that are like no other in the world. The Greek islands each of them unique and picturesque are breathtakingly beautiful, only surpassed in beauty by the people who live there and would welcome strangers and treat them as their own. It’s a big reason we got married in one of them, Santorini.

We believe this is when Greece needs us the most. With all the bad news from the major news networks, our reports will try to shed light to all the wonderful attractions the country has to offer. The same goes for other countries on The Great Escape Plan wish-list such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Ireland all struggling with economic woes of their own.

In fact, for travelers looking for a deal, other reports show it might be the best time for family travel to Greece and Europe. Tourism offices are painstakingly working hard to dispel the notion what happens in Parliament is also what happens on site seeing tours. We hope to show the best of what each country has to offer. Will we be worried about our safety? It’ll be top of mind. But as that famous quote goes “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”–FDR


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