Santorini Tomatoes

If you love a Greek salad, you’ll love Santorini tomatoes from Greece.

The Great Escape Plan visited an organic farm where we get a taste of the sweet Santorini tomatoes and smell the fresh oregano.

In the beautiful wine region of Megalohori, you’ll find Anydro Farms.

It’s an organic farm that is unique.

In Greek, anydro means without water.

So everything from the sweet tomatoes to the round zucchini and oregano collects  moisture to grow from the limestone on the ground.

Agriculture expert and Santorini native Kostas Stamou told us limestone has the ability to collect humidity at night.

And that’s how the plants get their water during the day.

Petros Economou is the owner of Anydro Farms and took us on a tour of the facility.

On this Great Escape, Sophia got to pick some of the best tomatoes on the island.

They’re usually sold to upscale restaurants for Greek salads and other dishes.

We also got a private tour into an excavated cave house where Petros makes products  from the sweet tomatoes.

We sampled sun dried tomatoes, tomato paste, and a sweet tomato jelly.

Organic products are popular in the U.S. but in Greece they are on the decline.

Kostas said that now that government subsidies are no longer distributed along with the current economic crisis in Greece, farmers have stopped getting involved with organic.

“There are very few actually,” said Stamou. “The percentage in Greece is about 2 or 3 percent.”

In Greece, the passion is often the recipe.

A great one, The Great Escape Plan has learned, is involved with making any famous Greek salad.



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