The Blarney Stone

Get ready lads and lassies this Great Escape Plan adventure is a fun one.

One that’ll inspire a little Irish humor.

We were excited when we arrived at Blarney Castle.

It’s a castle with a lot of history, surrounded by acres of beauty, and of course The Blarney Stone.

The fun part is climbing to the top of the castle where thousands of visitors come every year to hang upside down and kiss The Blarney Stone.

Legend has it The Blarney Stone gives you the gift of eloquence or a beautiful speaking ability–even Winston Churchill kissed it.

We climbed a spiral stone staircase to the top.

And you hang upside down to kiss The Blarney Stone.

Castle workers hold you to make sure you don’t fall as you hang and pucker up.

Did I mention it’s about 90 feet up in the air.

Sophia was a wee bit small at kissing The Blarney Stone, but she enjoyed the trip too.

There’s much more to do than just kissing the stone when you visit Blarney Castle.

Sophia enjoyed picking the flowers.



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