Santorini 2012

Why I love Santorini so much?  The question can easily be answered by just looking at photos of the surrounding area.  It is a magical place as explained by our previous blog.  There’s a sense of comfort in Santorini.  I’d like to say it’s the ideal start to our adventure.  We’ve adjusted well here to the project and are now getting into our groove.

My brother recently asked if we are on vacation mode or work mode.  I told him it’s a little bit of both.  You can’t help but feel the relaxing sense of getting away from the world.  But we’re also driven to get this idea off and running.  It requires getting yourself in a new routine.

The first 48 hours of The Great Escape Plan went by so fast it felt as if we were just taking a short vacation.  There were loose ends that needed to be tied up because of the move, issues with the flight and luggage (which happen on any flight), and dealing with a little jet lag.  It did feel like the trip was just a trip.

In the last seven days though, we’ve been able to enjoy some of the best looking views the planet has to offer.  From the majestic landmarks in London to the magical moments of Santorini’s sunsets, they’ve each had their own unique quality that is shaping how we feel about this adventure.

Yes…the trip has turned into an adventure.  Many of our family back home ask how is Sophia adjusting to the change.  Rather well and actually she’s been on adventure mode since day one.  She’s enjoying all the food, experiencing new sites, and making new friends.  In fact, she is the talk of the town.  All the shop owners know her name by now and yell out Sophia…she responds in the cutest way with a quick ‘Hi’ and blows kisses to everyone.

There’s YouTube video of her dancing the night away.  That was taken on 4th of July past 11 at night.  Her sleeping pattern is still not back to normal but we like to say she’s on a Santorini schedule.  Mommy and daddy are also doing well.  We’ve lined up some great interviews in the next couple of days with local chefs and farmers.  Last night we celebrated our five year wedding anniversary at the same restaurant we had our reception–Sphinx Restaurant, Fira.  The Great Escape Plan is full speed ahead.

~Roy De Jesus~


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