Posing at Pisa

Some people think it looks like a giant wedding cake that is about to tip over.  Others just see it as one of the most amazing architectural structures ever built.  The leaning tower of Pisa is no doubt something you must see.  For me it was my second visit, but just like the first, I was amazed.  You can spend hours just looking at it and wondering is this thing going to fall?  Exactly how is it still standing?

For me, a big part of the joy is seeing thousands of people posing in front of the tower.  I saw one teen doing a hand stand in the grass trying to show himself holding it upside down.  Not sure if that worked.  Most flexed their muscles showing how strong they are by holding the tower with one arm.  Roy, Sophia, and I joined in on the fun.  We posed holding the tower and I even used one finger to hold it up.  Roy also held up Sophia’s favorite monkey “Cheekie Charlie” to show it sitting on the tower.

My brother Dennis and Kim who met up with us in Tuscany chose to hug the tower.  They are pictures we will have forever from The Great Escape Plan and I think about all the other people who will take home their photo to cherish for years.  I still have the photo from my first visit with my sister Irene in 2005.  One thing is for sure, it’s nice to see so many people smiling at one time.  And just think, the smiles are all from a big mistake.

The construction of the leaning tower started in 1173 and it continued for 200 years due to several wars.  It has eight stories made of marble and is curved from all the attempts by various architects to keep it from learning more.  Over the years, it’s been injected with cement grouting to stabilize it.

You can even climb the tower from the inside, but the 297 steps didn’t sound fun carrying a baby.  So we just chose to admire it from the outside.  There are other places to visit next to the tower including a beautiful cathedral.  I recommend Pisa as a visit to add to your bucket-list if you ever visit Italy.  If not, maybe our pictures will bring a smile to your face too.

~Ciao, Anna~


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