As The Great Escape Plan gets closer, people want to know how we are packing enough stuff for a year. It’s a question I’m still trying to answer myself. However, I know one thing for sure. You must pack as light as possible–that’s my back speaking by the way from past experience. So with that said I’ve figured out that there are certain things I can’t live without: my beauty products like face cleaner, make up, sunscreen, and shampoo.  It would just be too hard to go and start testing new products, especially if I can’t read the labels.

So I have doubled up on a few things even my favorite toothpaste.  What I can live without is taking a million clothes and shoes.  In fact, the less I take the less I will have to wash.  That doesn’t mean you’ll see me showing up in the same shirt and pants in every video.  I plan to take about two weeks worth of clothes.  It’s actually amazing how freeing it feels to pack up all those business suits I’ve used for television reporting that last 14-years.  As for shoes, I’m packing 3-pairs which include heels, flip-flops, and tennis shoes.

Then of course, there is packing for the baby.  Sophia is only one, but growing every day so I went ahead and bought all the sizes she’ll need for next year thanks to a big clearance sale at Old Navy.  Then I split up the first six months for the suitcase. The next six months worth of clothes are in a box my sister will ship to us later.

I also stocked up on baby Tylenol, Band-aids, and everything over the counter we may need for her along our journey.
Electronics are also important.  We’ve got an iPad, laptop, video camera, and still camera to document our family travel.  I think the video and pictures will be the most amazing souvenir we could ever bring back, but I will carry an empty bag to bring back something small from every stop in The Great Escape Plan.

With all that said…I’m hoping our stuff fits into three check-in bags and a carry on for the electronics. And, the most important item I’m taking and every traveling mommy needs is an Ergo baby carrier to hold the most valuable of all…Baby Sophia.


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