A Magical Place

I love going on vacation, but it always feels like vacation except when I’m visiting Santorini, Greece.  A place I feel at home the minute I step foot on the island.  As we walked to town today I tried to grasp the reason why.

Is it the food?  My mouth is in heaven with every bite from the cheeses to the olives and wine.  Last night we had a tapas style dinner with small plates of my favorite Greek food and I felt like I was walking on clouds.

Then I asked myself is it the people? The people are so nice and you make friends for a lifetime.  After having a conversation with the owner of the place we are staying at Sensyo  I felt like I was catching up with an old friend. And, as we walked along the street heading to town I heard Roy shout ‘Michael’ and sure enough it was our wedding planner from five years ago.  We were greeted with a hug and a promise for dinner later this week.

Then I asked myself is it the scenery?  The white stone houses with the beautiful blue sea can take your breath away.

Finally, I think Is it in my blood?  After all, my grandparents came from Greece to America and maybe I just inherited their likes.  As we approached the cave studio we are staying in, I realized it’s a little bit of everything.  Whether you have Greek blood or you just stumble upon this magical island by chance you feel at home and you want to return for a lifetime.


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