Santorini Sunsets

My brother took this picture of my wife and I on our first trip together to Santorini, Greece back in June 2006. The next year we got married on the same island. What I can say with certainty is that both of us have never wanted anything more than what we are about to do. In the last blog post, I explained why we’re taking The Great Escape Plan. Here’s what it entails and a little bit of how we’re doing it.

When we tied the knot five years ago, we knew we wanted to rendezvous in Santorini, Greece for our five year anniversary. Santorini is an island in the Cyclades chain south of mainland Greece. Once a volcano, it erupted thousands of years ago creating a half moon caldera where people today live and millions of tourists visit. Some say beneath the island in the Aegean Sea, where Santorini is located, rests the mythical Lost City of Atlantis.

So there you have a little background of where we’re going to first in this adventure across Europe. We plan to hop around some other Greek islands. Then we’ll work our trip back west to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, the UK, and some of the northern countries as well…Germany-Netherlands.

This is how we plan to do our first leg of the trip starting off in Santorini. On June 30, we’re hopping on a plane and crossing the Atlantic. It’ll be a direct flight from Tampa to London, so as to minimize the amount of time baby Sophia is at an airport and on the plane. And to all daddies working on family travel, that’s your main job.

You’ll have to minimize the stress levels on mommy and baby because if they’re happy, so are you. We broke up our flight to Greece so Sophia could get some down time too. We’ll arrive in London the morning of July 1 but we won’t head out to Santorini until two days later. Again minimize the flight times and make sure we fly direct.  That’s the key for daddy to make family travel easier. Try to minimize mommy and baby’s discomfort when they’re out of their comfort zones.

By July 7 (yes we were one of those couples who married on 7-7-7 along with 26 or so other couples in Santorini alone that day), we’ll be soaking up the sunsets in Santorini. We’ve also just sealed a deal for a studio apartment right on the caldera. Just take a look at our soon to be humble abode.


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