Tasty Tuscany

In this adventure of The Great Escape Plan, we take you to a delicious cooking school in Tuscany.

Just outside Palaia, you’ll find “Tasty Tuscany”, an old farm house nestled on top of a hill surrounded by cypress and olive trees.

The house has five bedrooms, each with its own beauty and character.

You can swim in the pool with views of the Tuscan countryside, relax under a Wisteria tree, or head to the kitchen for cooking school.

That’s what I recommend.

The host, Patrizia, knows her Italian food she makes recipes passed down for generations, but what we didn’t know is we were about to cook up something amazing.

You don’t just watch in this class–you actually make the recipes.

We started with a flowerless chocolate cake called a Bunet.

Sophia and I cracked open some eggs, while other cooking school guests poured milk and got the rest of the ingredients including the chocolate ready to cook.

After we baked the dessert, we moved on to the main courses–eggplant lasagna and stuffed peppers.

Are you hungry yet?

I only wish you could smell the aroma’s we got to experience in this kitchen.

The ingredients are all fresh and come from a local farmer’s market.

The cooking school is fun, but it also gives you the confidence to recreate these traditional Italian recipes at home.

But the best part of all is sitting down at the end of the night with everyone in the class to savor those delicious dishes.

So if you’re looking to escape your everyday life for the Tuscan life, the Tasty Tuscany cooking school might just be your recipe.




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