My name is Roy Ellis De Jesus…Puerto Rican by birth, University of Florida Gators by choice. I took the picture above January 1, 2012 a couple of days after my last day at my previous job. The backdrop is the gorgeous scenery of the beach at the Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico.

It’s special to me because I used to visit the same beach with my family ever since I can remember. I long for those days. Days where nothing else really mattered but being with my family. That’s as it should be.
Fast forward to my years as an adult. I’m married with a child in a rewarding job, but I still long for more time spent with family.

My loving wife and I have figured out a way to do that.

Well, here we are…less than nine weeks away from starting what amounts to a new life. When we tell people what we’re doing, they say we’re crazy. I’d be lying to you if at times, I think it’s crazy too. We are leaving our successful careers as TV reporters in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida to fulfill a lifelong dream. Since I began studying world history back in grade school, I knew I wanted to do this. Who wouldn’t be romantic about exploring the beginnings of modern civilization…seeing with your own eyes the grandeur of ancient Greece and Rome.

So we’re taking a year to travel Europe with our baby Sophia. This year Europe…next…who know’s where our travels will take us.

We call it The Great Escape Plan. Great because it’s our most inspiring passion which is traveling. Escape because we’re leaving everything behind. No joke…we’re selling our cars, furniture, and some or most of our belongings. The Plan because in the end we hope this becomes a blueprint for others to follow.

One of our goals is to inspire other families to the same. Traveling with children can be a difficult task…traveling with children out of the country sounds like a daunting challenge. But we’ll show you it can be done. Family travel should be fun and with a little planning we’ll show other families some of the wonders the world has to offer.

And when we’re all done, our hope is that Sophia will have long lasting memories of our adventures. So that she too could one day long for those days passed and maybe write the next chapter in her Great Escape Plan.