Santorini Organic Farm

It’s been a few days of non-stop work this week…if that’s what you want to call it.  Last week, I blogged about The Great Escape Plan getting into a routine.  It’s not work, it’s not a vacation but it’s something in between those two.  The trip has turned into an adventure and since Monday we’ve been venturing into some of Santorini’s attractions.

In fact, that day at 10 am we visited Ouzeri Restaurant in Fira town (the main center of Santorini).  We even pulled Sophia out of bed with her pajamas on, changed her diaper, and fed her breakfast at the restaurant.  She’s slowly getting back to her sleeping schedule so the 9:45 wake up was cutting it close with our appointment.  Luckily, the restaurant is only a 10 minute walk from our apartment.

Chef Giorgos Stakias is a classically trained chef in France.  He uses those techniques and pairs them with flavors of the Santorini home cooking he’s known all his life.  He welcomed us in with camera, other equipment, and baby to do some cooking segments.  After the shoot, we all sat down to eat.  Sophia, of course, initiated the meal.

Later that day, The Great Escape Plan visited an organic farm in Megalochori.  This kind of excursion is definitely not on the usual family travel itinerary.  Local organic farmer and agriculture specialist Petros Oikonomou let us roam the rows of crops that grow in a very unique setting.  In Santorini, water is scarce, there is very little irrigation, and the soil is made up of volcanic remains.  They’ve devised a form of growing crops which yield a smaller yet sweeter more intense product.

And Tuesday and Wednesday the team traveled around the island picking up beauty shots of the various attractions.  Whether it was the black rocky beaches of Perissa and Perivolos or the ancient ruins of Akrotiri (dating back to 1600 BC when a volcano eruption buried Akrotiri and as a result its frescoes, pottery, and buildings are well-preserved) or the magical sunset at Oia where onlookers line up even on rooftops to glance at the event.

The Great Escape Plan has been running around experiencing all this for the last three days.  Some of the tasks are what we used to do back at our old jobs taking the same approach in story-telling.  But by looking at the photos, I wouldn’t actually consider it work.

~Roy De Jesus~


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